Here we go

They call it Undermountain. We at top or bottom? Don’t know. Do know everybody attack Tribe. Take Tribe stuff. Once Drow came. Dirty Drow! Didn’t see Spook. Spook followed. Spook woke up half-spider. Fishface call me Skeeter now. Says I’m a gobler. Better than what he call everyone else though.

Quiet day. Quint come home. Says we should go take stuff back. Kill bigs and monsters like him. We take Scootch, Matron Marge and her brood, Marta and Fishface.

Weird flying half-things try to stop us. Kill them, take their flying shields. Go through room with dead whole-things. It makes Fishface mad, he smash them all up, but they no fight back. Found odd paper riddle for Scootch. Makes no sense, but he keep it.

Fishface makes friends with little frog. Frog tribe get mad, try to eat us. Matron Marge’s brood fried ’em up real good. Stab ’em up, they keep coming. So many frogs, just run past ’em. Slow tasty frogs.

Found a Drow room. Skeeter destroys Drow room. Break chains. Cut off legs. Carve up altars and belly. Fishface stole the glowy eyes for Scootch. Matron made friends with a spider-dog, dead thing. No Drow.

Next room had poppets. Moved by bloody hands. Have to break poppets, then pop hands. Crows get mad and keep flying out of poppets. Poppets guard lots of shiny things. Still no Drow.

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