Day Two

Killing poppets and bloody hands hard work, so we take nap under big statue.

Wake up next day and find secret door. Is trap. Skeeter set it off and Scootch fall, but he float. Fishface pull him back up.  Skeeter fix trap, and we go through. Find more and more secret doors, but no more traps. Running round in circles, rooms gone.

Bats fly out of dark room. There’s glowy red light. Glowy light says: Find ye a nice day without. Whatever that means. Throw things at light, but nothing happen. Sneak a look around the corner. Hey guys, there’s lizard men over here.

We fight lots and lots of little lizard men. Skeeter cut heads  right off. Marge’s kids burn down piles of garbage all around lizards. Lizards bows shoot snakes. We take all snakey bows and food.

Next room all black and white squares. Fishface no care. Fishface get zapped by lightening. Now he care. Scootch and Quint talk about chess thing. Scootch decides black is safe. We cross on black, but Fishface and Scootch fight about last square. Fishface lowers Quint through last square. Quint get attacked by box. Skeeter save Quint from scary box with big smashing. Box hold nothing. Leave stupid box and square room.

Then find table with black box on it. Fishface chops open box and table sinks. He find bone candy inside. Scootch very angry at Fishface, must want candy, too.

Big bright light ahead. Fishface insist go in. Well in middle, he spit rope into well, it fly up and fall to floor. He jump in, fly up and fall to floor. Marta and Skeeter want go back, Quint says no, go forward.

Big monster fly up out of well. Skeeter keep running into dark hall. Everyone else fight, so Skeeter stop when see painted whole things wait at next corner. Shoots new snakey bow back at crazy-headed monster thing til it dead. Matron Marge says good meat and cuts it all up. Skeeter tells Quint about black and white painted whole things waiting at corner, but we tired, so sit and rest a moment.

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