Dead Things, Bones and Death

Done breathing, tell Quint about the painted whole things. Quint says they have treasure and charges round the corner with Fishface. Hey, they dead whole things, and boy they Scream so loud. Dead things keep knocking Fishface down, but Marta yells at him to get back up, so he does. They finally stop screaming and Scootch and Margie divide up pile of alchy stuff. I finds a shiny new sickle for Skeeter. Fishface says dead things taste stale.

Round and round we go. Find a locked door. Treasure, Quint says, is behind locked doors. Margie’s rockman breaks down the door and gets acid all over him. Fishface kills his froggie cuz the hallway smelled funny, I guess. Smelly half thing covered in moss in here. Everyone thinks it’s oh so funny, but he dies fast. Fishface, Scootch and Skeeter don’t feel good, but Fishface won’t cuddle. Stupid cough.

Next we find throne room with dancing bones and watching skull. Fishface knocks skull down, Quint puts it back. Marta finds a bag of gold and a magic stick. Fishface knocks the bones aside and sits down. He wants pretend to be king. Margie feeds the skull to her dead spider-wolf. Scootch dis-spells bones and we leave.

Hall full of bright floating candles. Quint take one. Skeeter blow them out. Stupid bright light. Find a slimy trail on the wall. Pick up Scootch, Fishface freaks out. Scootch says they Carrying Crawlers. Cuddle Scootch then put him back down. Scootch dis-spells candles, and they all fall down.

We find hall full of big bugs – Scootches Carrying Crawlers, but they not carrying anything. Bigs nasty things with acid breath. Bugs kill Fishface! Oh no, Fishface!! Skeeter smash them good and dead with Big Sword. Margie burn ’em all up, and Fishface, too. Poor Fishface.

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