Bones, Ghosts and Rotting Ogres

Scootch digs through Fishface’s ashes and takes out the bone candy he ate. Guess Scootch hungry. Poor Fishface, shouldn’ta killed his froggie.

Big rock guy blocking stairs. Wants us answer riddles. Scootch keeps getting the first one wrong, but make build wall to stop boulders rock guy throws at us til he gets right. Marta gets second one. Third one hard, too, but Skeeter guess right. Silly hall full of candles. Rock guy lets us through and we go down.

Find room with crunchy red glowy floor. Walls covered in rags and big pillar in center, Scootch says it got a dead guy in it, maybe under it. He got dead from disease or something. Big rock in front of it, so Margie has little rockman pick it up to look for dead guy’s treasure. Big mean ghosts come up instead. Including Fishface – but he not try kill us, he try kill bad ghosts. Rags on walls try to kill us too. Marta try to make friends, but we cut to ribbons instead. Turns out rock hide dead whole things with weapons and armor for taking.

Way out is bone closet. Quint and Skeeter get stuck in and bones attack. Skeeter go forward, Quint go back. Lots of noise and shouting until Ghostyface shatters bones and finds shiny stones.

Next room full of dead ogres, but they not stay dead til we beat ’em up again. Dead ogres already lost all their treasure though. Makes Quint sad and everyone else sleepy. Scootch starts gettin’ green and fuzzy, Skeeter cuddles him up to sleep.

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