Traps, Mummies and Kitties, oh My!

Quint keeps sayin there’s treasure, so we go on. Big long hallway, full of traps. Skeeter stop crossbow trap, pit trap (after Scootch fall in, but he fall slow, so save him quick), crossbow trap, pit trap, crossbow trap… oops! That one not so good, but nobody get hurt. Marta tired of traps and make stone walls all down the rest of hall to big door with skull on.

Skull door not open, but big firey bugs get mad anyway and try to sting us whole bunch. Skeeter and Quint back down hall til Margie and Scootch take care of ’em. Marta gets rid of ends of walls, and Skeeter find a secret door, but it locked tight, so smash it in.

Skeeter find two more hid doors, Quint go North. We find dead guy that pillar pointed at yesterday. Quint shout at him: “Hey Dead Guy, what’s your deal? What’s the treasure situation?”  Dead guy says: “You want what is mine, come and see if you can take it.” Quint shout back at tribe: “He has treasure! He just admitted it!” We attack dead guy.

Dead guy gets scared and runs back through hid door to other hid door to hide behind bunch of skellies. But we smash them all up good. Marta don’t feel so good after, but they have so much treasure! Skeeter gets pretty new armor and cloak, makes faster and sneakier on the walls.

Next we find basket full of kittens. No one wants to cuddle Scootch, so he cuddles kitties. Ghostface doesn’t like kitties, curses at them and they all scream so loud. Shut ’em up, Scootch! But he can’t and they explode. Mama kitty comes roaring down the hallway. She’s so cold! But we smash her, too. Margie falls down though and won’t get up. Guess she finally tired. We drag her to a room and take a nap.

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