Lookit All the Monster Poo!

We walk and walk and walk. Scootch says it maze and dis-spells. Corridors get big! Scootch, you make us small? Nono, is okay, just make hall bigger. Finally find a door.

Cave behind door with big torch and blue fire. We go look, nothing shiny. Torch spits off some fire though. Scootch calls it de-mon ro-bot and tried to make friends. Quint runs away and Ghostface hits it til it get small and quiet. Then we all go find Quint.

He found door with spikes and holes and levers. Is all one big trap. Ghostface and Quint walk through door while Scootch casts magic at it. Quint come back through after while and says needs help with big monster. Scootch finally get it open.

We walk across bars over a pit and into big cavern with what Scootch call hi-dra. It has too many heads, sees Skeeter. Oowww, it burns! But it poos out lots of shiny things when we kill it. Skeeter give baby dragon a hi-dra steak and a piece of shiny red monster-poo. Quint say shiny biscuits and rocks must be monster poo, we always find after kill monster. Ghostface mad he can’t eat, curses baby dragon. Skeeter stab Ghostface.

Other side of cavern have rope ladder. We climb and float and fly up to big mud man. Scootch say gal-um. We attack it so it will let us through, is stubborn, but can’t see Skeeter this time. Keeps hitting the wall and making the ladder all sparky. We knock it down, back into mud.

There six ladders at back, we each go up near one. OW!!! All get shot but Scootch. We all go follow Scootch up to a room with glowy ball. Scootch take glowy ball. We go to door on left, and it clicks open. Room full of stuff! Scootch gets another ball, Quint take everything else – table, couch, clothes, laterns, candles, rug. Then we go back to other door.

This room have big chest and sacks. Sacks full of shiny monster poo. Skeeter give baby dragon a red shiny poo again. Ghostface curse baby dragon again, Skeeter stab him again. Quint say chest is trap, says don’t touch or we lose all shiny poo. Scootch pout, but we go on.

Next door have a glowing, green floating skull and arms in it. Uh oh!

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