Bad Lich

We go in to talk to floating green thing Scootch call Lich. He wants our stuff, so we attack him. He make sticky web, but Skeeter no care. Then he make cold fog. That’s no good. Marge’s kids all scared of webs and fog, stay outside and fight spiders. So many spiders. Quint and Ghostface and Skeeter fight lich thing. Scootch get rid of some fog and try to send lich away. Lich get madder. He kill Ghostface dead again. Quint keep hitting him. Finally Marge’s kids all run in to hit Lich, too. Skeeter just can’t see in fog. Lich thing cast bad death spell. It hurts so bad. But then he run away and wish us good luck. Marta save Skeeter from following Ghostface.

Lich thing have lots of pretty weapons and rings and armor and things. Quint get new club. Skeeter get new spear. Scootch get new dagger. Marta get pretty ring. It been long day, we put green Scootch in corner and go sleep.

Wake up middle night to Marge’s spider dog howling. What wrong? Scootch turned all green and moss-covered. He fly over group. Make more sick. Marge’s kid shoot him down. Scootch all bad and dead now. Poor Scootch. We all run outside, leave him in lich room, and back to bed. Ghostface and Scootch all gone. Now who Skeeter gonna cuddle? Oh yeah, baby dragon still like Scootch. Such a cute baby dragon, he almost better, but now Skeeter gotta get better all over again, too.

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