How Tribe Get to Undermountain

Why we live in awful place, you ask? It strange to have so much under big wet city. Big folk always comin through, attack Tribe, take our things. Why we stay? What we doin here? Old Big Nose tell story sometime. Skeeter like stories, so Skeeter tell you.

Long time ago, we live above ground. Not in city or tree-place. In real caves, in big mountains. We live with ground below us, not above. With moon and stars outside. Fresh air, and tasty rabbits in their holes. Scare ’em out in the dark and snatch them up for stew. Big things come sometimes, but mostly no reason. We not in their way there.

Strange man come one day. Offer shiny things and big sticks. Says has new place for us to live. Says we get everything want there. Says we get power there. But we like our caves. Shiny things too bright and big sticks not so big. Why we want power, have everything Tribe need here. Strange man get angry, blast a few old ones. Tribe get angry, drive him out with rocks and sticks. He disappear and Tribe go to bed.

Next morning, caves all wrong. They rock, but wrong kind of rock. They cold, but not cold enough. And they very dry. There firewood, but firepit brand new. Mushrooms and moss even different kinds. And there no way out. Tribe run to all corners of cave, but no way out. No way to moon and stars, no way to tasty rabbits. Old Big Nose find water, coming out of small wall in hole, filling small pool, but it is no way out.

No day and no night, but it many, many sleeps before Tribe find a way out. But way out is not to outside. It darker there. A group go look, never come back. Many sleeps later, another group go look. One come back, gibbering and bleeding. He no sleep, only babble: No, No, No. I can’t.  He no eat or drink or sleep. Finally die.

Big things started coming though. Coming in and killing Tribe, taking tribe things. And then going on. They no come back either.  Now only bravest of Tribe go out, and only Quint come back. So we go, we brave. We find out where Strange man took Tribe. We find way to moon and stars and rabbits again, some day.

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