Castle Full of Things!

Like I say, Quint lead charge into room. Dragon no like that, make us all fall down and look at the pretty lights. Pretty, pretty lights. And dragon hide in air, but Skeeter hear him. Skeeter try shoot him. Then he make all fall down again, and see many of him. Skeeter try jump on him, but he not really there. So much pain, and falling. Marge calls extra kids, and dragon run away. But Marge no get up again. We poke her, but she no ghost yet either. Maybe tomorrow she ghost. Maybe she tired today.

We go into left room and find kitchen. Big fire pit with crispy burnt food. Burny likes it. Pastor find jars of squishy red things. Skeeter no want them, but Quint likes them with salt. Pastor save some for later. Other side of downstairs big room full of broken junk. Pastor sets some on fire and we go upstairs.

Left room look like home. Has nests and clothes and scattered things. Nests full of monster poo and shiny rocks. Each nest have name on it – Scootch read them to Skeeter: Ardor, Brawn, Proxie, Skulker, and Spider. They no home, so we take their treasure. Quint very happy.

Right room full of things. One corner broken tables and glass and books. Another corner full of burnt books and paper with a pot of stew cooking. Another corner just all burnt and empty. But maybe not so empty – voice talk to us. Says if we get closer, we be daft looking forevers, is not so kind as downstairs dragon, and has no time for us.  We talk to voice and he say Mad Goth in towers, and we can take Mad Goth’s things, he no want. So we go, not really there dragons are hard to fight.

First tower is full of cages suspended from beams. Whole thing in one with round pointy had on. Weird bat thing hanging down lower on a ledge. Pastor go preach to bat thing. Marta try preach, too. Skeeter and Scootch go talk to whole thing in cage.

He Mad Goth, and mean ol’ dragons took his castle. He a good man, they just meanies, and he didn’t do nuffin wrong.

You have wand? Dragon say you have wand?

No, no wand, just ring to protect him from traps.

Marta have ring like that, too. Good for Marta, protect her. If we let you out, you be nice to us?

Yes, be nice to you.

You kill dragons?

Yes, kill dragons.

And can we have half your stuff for getting you out?

Sure, have all stuff, just want out.

Okay. Scootch, can I touch cage? No, is magical trap?

You have to get key from Auto dragon.

Okay, we get key and come back.

Pastor baptizes bat thing in blood of goblin child and we go back out. Quint says we silly, and we just take stuff and leave Mad Goth alone. Not going after dragon to set a whole thing free. So we go to next tower.

It full of books, and a bedroom. Quint take bed. We also find wands and rings and a cloak and a big round hole with pretty pictures in it. Marta find me book How to Raise a Dragon. She promises to read it to Skeeter.

Next tower have orange monster at the bottom. Pastor burns it to death, and Quint picks up the monster poo. I feed some of crispy burnt monster to Burny. Quint puts squishy red things on some and eats it. Says tastes good, so we stop and have dinner.

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