Time to Go Home?

One more tower to go, so we go take look. Is one big room again, like last one. But this one have boxes with windows all up and down the walls. Boxes full of weapons of all sorts. Quint throw Clob at one, but window not break. Big flash of light though.

Floating black armor appear, holding big sword. Says thank you for interest in Hollister treasure, then attacks us. Guess he not really happy. Batty-men come attack us, too. Steve show up, he one crazy puppy now. No worry though, Skeeter kill armor thing hard.

Sword fall, and Quint go diving after. He stop fall before it kill him. Gives me sword when I climb down. It want to kill all the light and shiny good things. We become good friends, Skeeter and Blade of Twilight Doom. Quint and Pastor start breaking open all the boxes. It takes a very long time. Many sleeps, but when they done, all Scootch-fungus gone from us. No more sick and cuddle coughs.

Ghostly wild whole-thing come and stare at us. He no say words, but nod when I ask he Hollister-man. Pastor ask him how to leave. Wild Hollister man just laugh and laugh and laugh so loud we hear him.

Quint say we have all treasure now and it time to go home. We get out castle, and we get out green glow. Now we big again. Head back towards home. But we find door that no supposed to be there. It has magic traps, so Scootch dis-spells at it.

Now we in square room that glow green, but we not small. Floor have lines and bones on it. Things go dark then big bugs with too many legs try eat us. But we squish them good.

Steve go look through all doors with shadow dark sneaky. Says there one with stone dwarves in it, one with spider signs, one full of mirrors, and one say Exit with lots of eyeball monsters.

Skeeter want smash dwarves, so Quint say okay. We go in, torches flare, shadows go away. Skeeter smash stone dwarves. Steve really want to go check out eyeballs with exit. Quint agree.

We go to talk to eyeballs. Lots of broken stone people in here…

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