Death and Betrayal

Big eye things look weird. One look dead , one have no mouth, and one just look confused when Pastor try to talk to him. Quint ask for treasure or let us pass. But then Pastor try to make them follow his god. That make them mad.

No-mouth-eye-thing have big long tentacles, keep grabbing and squishing everyone. Dead-eye-thing stay back and throw spells. Biggest-eye-thing cast so many spells, it hurts so much. Skeeter stab him once, but then can’t hide, too much light and spells. All so scary. Biggie keeps Skeeter all stunned up.

Steve cast lots of plants and bugs all over eye-things. Quint stab Biggie lots and lots. Marta keep playing her spoons and Scootch keep stopping Biggie’s web. Biggie don’t like that much and kill Marta and Scootch. Biggie get tired of Skeeter hanging in his eyes, kills him, too. Poor Burney.

Quint decide fight is done and runs through swirling exit door. Pastor chase after him. Steve not done, though. Steve kill Dead-eye-thing and Biggie. He fight with No-Mouth for a bit, then he run, too.

Quint and Pastor waiting for him though. They kill Steve dead. No more goblin tribe adventure.  Skeeter a ghost now. Maybe haunt Quint and Pastor for killing Steve.

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