Tristia Ravenshelm

The magic just showed up one day. I always wanted it, spying on Gerald whenever he was doing magic. But my parents did Not approve. We are not a magic family, and Mana was too dangerous. Not that they approved of much I did. Don’t stare at boys, you’re much too young. Don’t talk to those people, you are above them. Don’t leave the house, you’re safe here. Don’t run, a lady never runs.

I had snuck out and was passing by the school, and there was a big explosion, and some smoke and fumes filled the street. I thought I was going to die right there in my brand new festival dress. But when I turned to run, I went faster than I ever have. And when I jumped, I ended up on the rooftops. I ran and lept all the way home.

My  parents were irate, people had Seen me cavorting about like a Circus Performer.  Our House Mage was Not Happy that I was near the Academia. But once he calmed down, we started to figure out what happened. Turns out I’m a freak. Now I Have go to the Academie, my parents can’t stop me. Where I will still be the freak. Perhaps they can teach me to be their version of normal, probably not. Oh, I hope Oliver will really be there, he’s so dreamy.

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