Day One at the Mysterium Academie

Dear Diary,

First day of Magic school, and I’ve already made a friend! Marybeth is so sweet! And tall! Even though she keeps trying to hide behind everyone. I think I’m the shortest one here, but that’s okay, I had the prettiest dress.

Everything is so exciting! The hallways move and flip and sometimes we have to walk on walls.

We got split into A and B class, and I’m SO glad the professor didn’t call on me. We would never have gotten A class if she had.

The stablehands are The Creepiest I’ve Ever Seen! They have Way too many teeth and when they smile… I swear, their heads are just going to split in half! And they don’t give the horses names. But at least they let me ride one. I took Marybeth around the lake, and Dalish and James were there, too. Dalish sure writes a lot.

We picked our classes today. I didn’t know what to do, so I just avoided the magic ones. I think I’m going to fail Fundaments of Magic… I gave Marybeth my Mana thingy, it won’t do me any good. Why am I such a freak? What am I going to do?

Oh! I saw Oliver! He’s in the B class. He’s so cool and cute! I think he even looked at me!

I can’t believe I’m here!

Tristia Ravenhelm

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