Day Two at Magic School

Today was the first day of classes! MaryBeth and I had breakfast together and then went to Fundaments of Magic with our Class. Professor Malden was late, but he doesn’t seem to walk very well, it looks like his magic backfired on him at some point.

What is Magic? he asked us, and apparently the answer is Cheating. Magic breaks the rules of our world. Well, my parents would sure like that answer, they definitely think I am always breaking the rules.

Then we learn about “schools” of magic, like different ways to use it. Which is the most dangerous, he wants to know, and we all set to writing essays, and then reading them aloud. Mortified by the time it gets to my turn. Everyone else wrote such good essays, and I think I’m probably wrong. But Necromancy is so Icky! The debates rage on for a while, and I get mocked for thinking there are still gods in the world. Enchantment is the final answer, bewitching People is the Most Bad.

Nat came talk to MaryBeth and me at Lunch because we were so anti-Necromancy. He avoids my questions about how he gets Bodies for awhile until MaryBeth mentions that sometimes people volunteer to donate their bodies to Science. He says that’s where his family gets them, too, but I’m not so sure. If that was true, why didn’t he just Say that the first five times I asked. I’ll have to keep an eye on him.

The rest of my classes are pretty quiet and boring. Math is math. History was a little odd, but victors write the history and all that. Philosophy is more like Fundaments, questioning and thinking about thinking. I don’t see Oliver at All! But at dinner, MaryBeth is so excited about the game they played in P.E., and Klyce is actually Friendly for once, so Dalish, Gerhardt, and I all decide to switch our fourth period. Besides, Oliver is in that class!

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