Spells, Banshees, and Necromancy

This has all been a lot, but we found a spellbook last night, and the others want to copy down some of the spells. Nat’s father gives us enough ink and paper for us each to copy down one spell. Nobody tells him I can’t do magic that way. We spend an entire day discussing who wants what spell, and then hours copying them all done. Klyce has zero interest in the ones we found.

It takes some convincing to get Nat to come out of her room, let alone to take a couple spells. She’s convinced that she has to go south, down to where the fighing is. We tell her that we’ll go, we’ll all go, but we need to learn a few things first. We need a plan. Some want to finish our first year of school. Some want to at least tell their families where they’ll be. We do decide to split up the old Royalist money we found. Most of them will give it to their families. I don’t know what I’m going to do with mine, yet.

We all want to go back to school for a little while at least, but Nat won’t leave without another trip down to Old Town. I guess that’s what we’re calling the cave now. First, though, she goes to have a chat with her mom. Maribeth and I whisper a bit about her odd egg, and the place it takes her. The tower and the books and a fog fish. There’s even a book she wrote there. When Nat gets back, we gather up more OJ and water, and head down into the cave.

There’s some arguement about what exactly we’re doing. Clear them all out? Close the cave? Reverse the ritual? But the discussion is cut short when we get attacked by four grey corpses. It takes a bit to get rid of them, and we move forward a bit more quietly. Searching for other signs of the ritual.

We get back to the Town Hall, and since I had to Levitate Maribeth in the last fight, I send her above us to keep watch while we look around some more. Remy detects magic, but it mostly seems played out. Even back in the building by the symbol. Nat breaks up the floor there anyway. We decide to go gather the bones from the Green Witch – maybe a proper disposal will help? We head to the north to check out more of the town.

There’s a soft singing voice ahead of us. Super creepy, but even more so when we find her sitting, eyeless at a fountain at the edge of the village. Nat goes to sit with her and they have an even creepier little chat about familial responsability and fixing this whole mess.

“Do you know what your family did? … How will you fix this? … By your family’s choice… What does it look like? To what end? …. Peace?!? Do you know what would give me peace?”

And then, of course, she twists and changes into this horrible creature. Her terrible screams are so awful that both Maribeth and Remy age by decades! She even possesses Remy for a time, and we have to knock him out to get her to leave him. I thought I liked this crossbow, but then I shot Remy right through the neck! It was awful! Maribeth finally gets rid of her, and someone found her bones in the water. When we burn them, there’s a sigh on the wind. Not sure if that is good or bad.

This is just too much. We can’t stay down here, or we’re all going to die. We don’t know enough about what is going on here. We convince Nat that this isn’t the way, and head back out. Nothing bothers us on the way out. Once in the fresh air again, we roll the stone back to cover the entrance to the cave, and bury it all with as much dirt as we can msuter.

We need more information. We head down to the fishing village to talk to the Crab Woman, but she doesn’t know how to help. Then we head back up to the main village, but the caravans and Old Baba are gone already. When we get back to the castle, Nat and Remy lose it at Nat’s parents. Kendrick says he might have a way to help Remy or Maribeth, and returns with a potion. Gerhardt gets the notes about how to make the potion, and we convince Remy, who aged far more, to drink it. He drops down about a decade, but is still much older than us.

After a barber visit, some heavy drinking, and some new clothes for our now senior classmates, we rest and head back to school. We all troop up to visit Raltus, just so we can see his face when we show him our most recent troubles. Raltus summons the Necromancy professor, Rictus, who is just as creepy as you might expect. He says there is a mark upon the soul, and there is little to be done. But there might be something. He suggests they dedicate themselves to studying necromancy or alchemy, and in the mean time, gives permission for Maribeth to share her Disguise Self spell with Remy for ease of fitting in at school. Just before we all turn in for the night, Raltus measures Remy for a proper glass eye.

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