Ninjas and Sharks

We ran around the apartment looking for clues. Everything is a wreck, there’s blood painted on the walls. All the lab stuff we brought over is gone. The doorman didn’t see anyone come or go, but suggests our servants can fix the mess. Heading back downstairs, I call out for them, and Barry apologizes. Wait, what?? He says that the other servants made the mess, but he didn’t see it happen, didn’t see who left after. I order him to clean up the mess while we discuss how to quickly go after them

Leaving a note for Remy, should he ever come back, we head out to Xingtown, carrying Klein. We don’t have enough magic to get there quickly, so foot it is. When we are halfway across on the ferry, a ninja in blue comes down and a whole group of shadowy men attack. I levitate up off the ferry and let the fight move on without me. Dalish manages to get them to talk.

They told Remy to go inside and bring their stuff out. When he didn’t come back out, but we did, they assumed foul play and treachery. I let my spell go and swim after them. Dalish keeps explaining what happened, while Klyce tosses me a ring and pulls me aboard. They say the Koga clan stole his sister. We convince them that we are not their enemy, at least not today. I ask about his sister’s magic, and he says it is rare. We convince them that we’ll go find her and bring her back. They say they will watch.

Finishing our ferry ride with another discussion of killing and killing by leading killers to other killers. We’re not to kill the killers, but we can only control our own actions. Using Locate, we run around Xingtown until we get a ping, 500 feet below us. Heading into the sewers, we find no way down. Coming back up, we look around and decide Lu Bai’s dojo might give a way down.

We knock, but there is no answer. Gerhardt sends in his snake and finds it empty, but Lu Bai is in the back office with his sword drawn. Klyce knocks again and shouts for him. He comes to the door and tries to shoo us away, but we tell him we are looking for the Koga and explain. He says he cannot help us, there is nothing here that can help you, but leaves his door open.

We head inside and look around. Nothing sticks out, until Nat uses her wand. There’s a dummy in the corner. We mess with it for awhile until Klyce just grapples with it, and there is a click. We head down a 30 foot ladder. We all head down after Klyce sets off a trap. There are tripwire everywhere, and pits, and tunnels going every which way.

Eventually, we get to a well-lit room with a matted floor and a dias in the center. There is a black iron shell on the platform. The wall is covered in writing. Once we all get into the room, the door closes behind us, and 4 ninjas appear and attack us. The fight is bloody. Dalish keeps ringing his bell and murdering them! Klyce manages to knock out the last one, instead.

Nat finds a hinge on the shell, revealing a slide downwards into the dark. We all slide down after a quick check for traps at the top. Oh gods, this is fast and so many twists and turns. Suddenly I’m alone. Then I’m splashing down into water. There’s something in here with me. Something bumping into me. I have no more magic. I don’t know what to do! Pain. Blackness.

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