Prison Break

Nat tells the strange man that there are no Tepish folk here. He insists his son is Stephen Tepish. Oh… oh dear. But Nat persists in saying that no such person exists. The man asks for the real masters of the house, and cows a servant into going to get them. I send to Stephen telling him that someone has arrived looking for him.

Then the window above the door shatters and a wild man carrying crossbows jumps through, shooting Lord Tepish repeatedly in the chest. He shouts You’ll die tonight, Demon! Lord Tepish disintigrates into a cloud of bats, most of which take off into the keep. Oh dear! We shout at the man, but he just kills Tepish’s servant dead and runs off after the bats.

Marybeth and Gerhardt give chase to the intruders. There’s noise outside, and when Klyce looks, he sees prisoners streaming out of the mines. Nat hears something upstairs and tears off to check on her family, with Dalish and Remy in tow. Klyce and I take off outside, to head off the mob from reaching the town.

The prisoners are strangely deformed. Large limbs or strange faces. Klyce rushes to the front, dodging lightning strikes from the storm. When I get close, I try controling the winds to slow them down. Forgetting, that this ends my fly spell. Dropping down among them, I go unnoticed at first. When they do see me, they swarm and attack. I managed to get to Klyce’s side as he turns into a giant screaming ape. Unfortunately, neither of us can deter many of them from the village, and there’s a mage in the crowd. He orders them to attack Klyce and they knock him unconscious. I dimension door us back towards the keep, keeping him alive, though barely. We hide for a time, until I can get us the rest of the way back.

When we get back, everyone is gathering up in Nat’s parents’ room. Some of the prisoners had snuck in and attacked Nat’s family in their bedrooms. Her father does not look well at all. Dalish puts up a protective barrier and summons a watchdog while we wait for Marybeth and Gerhardt to get back.

When they arrive, they say they chased the intruders to a dead end. We explain the prison break from the mines. Then, we explain Lord Tepish’s arrival and his pursuer to Nat’s parents. They know Tepish from the old world, but insist he is not Stephen’s father. Nat gets very angry at his mom for withholding information that has now put them all, and their village, in danger. Marybeth tries scrying on Stephen, but sees only darkness. Nat storms off and we all follow. Dalish has to transfer his protection spells to Mummy Dalish before he can leave, but it works.

Klyce convinces Nat that the village is in more danger than Stephen is, and we head down to deal with the mob of prisoners. We explain about the mage, and Nat wonders if it’s the master the prisoners they killed spoke of. Down in the village, it is total chaos. Fire, looting, violence on every corner. We start picking off small groups as we head for the center of town. Klyce deems their deformities as already lost, and therefore killable.

In the center of town, four big mutated men walk out of the townhall as we arrive. We engage, and I start calling down lightning of my own from the storm. A well-aimed firey explosion takes me down. And all the hair I had finally managed to regrow properly!

The group manages to take the four men and the shadowy thing down, or so it seems when they wake me up in the aftermath. We spend the rest of the night clearing the town of mutated prisoners and putting out fires. By dawn, the town is safe again, if ruined. I idly wonder if the seamstress survived as we head back up to the keep.

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