Family Matters

While waiting for Dalish to come out of his paralysis, Nat leads Marybeth, Klyce, and myself back down to Old Town. We map it all out and bury the dead, which are now just bodies instead of trying to kill us. When Dalish does get up, he almost immediately has Remy kill him, so he can become fully a lich. So then, we wait for him to reform his new undead body for another six days. He gets back just in time to head home.

We have a debate about his phylactery. Sure, it would be safe here, in the Rathbone castle, assumedly. But if we get sent to the western territories and he dies, he’s going to have a heck of a time getting back to us. We have to take it with us. Dalish decides that I ought to be the one to protect it. Sure, Dalish, Rictus never mind controls me and makes me do things, I’m sure it’ll be safe. But I don’t say that, I just take it. Hopefully Rictus won’t do that again for while we’re all together.

Travel back to New Gnosis is pretty smooth and uneventful. When we arrive, we can see the Petals have been completed in their glory. We also see a large military presence at the gates, search all comers. We join the line and learn from the people around us that two Primes have been killed in the last three days!!! But Rictus sent for us weeks ago…

Lt. Col. Dalish gets us waved through the gates by flashing his rank and Rictus’ name. We drop our spoils from Lord Tepish’s castle in the bank on our way to the Hall of Justice in the Petals. Remy decides to be Alok Rathbone for the time being, and Orrin stays with him while we head up to see Rictus.

He isn’t there. Aleria is, however, a much nicer sight to our eyes and hearts. She tells us that Rictus is off hunting the assassins, but he wanted us close. She offers to answer any questions we have. She tells us that we’re to remain in New Gnosis for the time being, but will have to find our own lodging. School did re-open, but we’re not students anymore, so we can’t go back there. Marybeth asks about her family, and she says that they were caught up in an investment scheme and ruined. She also tells us that as far as she knows, there has been no Fae or Magia trouble in the city lately. Having no more information about what we’re supposed to do, we all head out to check on finances and family.

I head, alone, back to my house. No one but the groundskeeper is there. I wander around a bit, and it feel so empy. I ask, and he says that they never came back from the Caribbean a year ago. I assumed they had just gotten home and were done gloating. Gerald is still here, it looks like, so I leave him a note saying I’ll be home later. Then head for Klyce’s bakery.

Remy has brought food for us all to have a nice dinner, so we sit around and fill each other in. Dalish has apparently rented an entire floor of a hotel in Brooklyn. Remy definitly wants to take Alok to see what had happened to the people there. Klyce wants Alok to look at his little sister, who is still unconscious at the schol infirmary. Dalish asks for his phylactery back to take and show Rictus tonight, so I hand it over. I let folks know that my folks are missing, and everyone is welcome to stay at my house, if they want. Marybeth asks us to go with her to meet up with her mom, and most of us volunteer.

After dinner, I take Nat, Gerhart, and Alok back to my place. Gerald arrives shortly after we do, but he’s so distracted, I have to yell out to him to get him to even notice I’m there. He rushes over apparently very excited to see me. He even gave me a hug! After blinking for a few moments, I ask after Mom and Dad. He says they went on vacation, but the last letter he got was from the Caymans, and he hasn’t heard anything from them since. Didn’t he send to them? No, he doesn’t know that spell.

Then he apologizes! To me! For being a terrible brother! He asks if we can start over. I’m in such a state of shock, I agree. I even defend him, that he didn’t know any better than to treat me the same as our parents did. He says he should have and we go a couple rounds, before I just relent and say sure. We can start over if he’s really going to be nicer. I’ve died a few times, I can bury a childhood hatchet. Seems less important now.

He’s a little put out by that, but I push him past it by asking about school. He says they hired new teachers and things are pretty safe. At least as they ever have been. I try a sending to Mom, but nothing comes back. Remy offers him the sending spell, but he gets a bit creeped out and heads to bed. So, I put everyone else in rooms for the night.

The next morning, Nat tells us she had some crazy dreams. A cult doing a sacrfice to bring about the darkness with an inverted Dawnmother symbol. The red and black knights cutting open sack of bodies, one of which was Remy. They had Areana with them and she was holding a jar with a brain worm in it. Gerhardt says it sounds like the clone pods.

Then we get into a really strange argument with Remy about contacting the Knights or Areana or others and it just goes down hill until he tries to send to her, and gets nothing, so we drop it and head out to see Marybeth and her mother. When we get to the cafe, we see Marybeth already talking to her mother. With Marybeth right beside us, in disguise.

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