Trouble in the North Ward

Spy Master,

The Order of the Gauntlet asked the Big Guy to go take care of some troubles in the North Ward. They were upset that some Zhentarim were paying gangs to attack suspected Xanathar Guild members. More upset, I think, that innocent people were getting hurt in the fighting. They wanted the Big Guy to go put a stop to it. Just stop a gang war, simple. So, he invited us to all go along.

A guy at the Sated Satyr, a satyr himself, in fact, told us there’d been fighting on Saltpork Street. Down on Saltpork, we almost get into such a fight, but the Big Guy pulls out money just in time. They tell us to go check out Twelve Dog Court. Down in the back corner of the court, we find a place called the Tinted Tin. The North Ward is pretty awful, Spy Master. It’s no wonder the people there will do anything for money.

The building, it’s not really a tavern, there’s no staff there, has eight guys inside. The Big Guy tries honesty again, but they all claim innocence. I notice a couple of them twitch though, at his words, and point them out to Catbard. She is really not subtle and tries to sit with them, following the around the room until one of them punches her. Then she sits nearby and a moment later, puts a glowing, flying snake on one of their backs. That’s all Orange needed, and the fight begins.

They were not very tough, Spy Master, but we don’t kill any of them, just knock them out. Page then robs them of a handful of coins. We check and make sure they have flying snake marks, and I give one or two that don’t Xanathar marks instead. The Big Guy wakes one of them up and Orange threatens him. Says that this paying gangs to hunt other gangs stops, and to tell his bosses the same. He agrees and Orange knocks him back out. We check the building and find swords and money upstairs, and take those, too.

The next day, Mary Mouseman gets a note from The Blackstaff, asking him and Orange to go up Mount Waterdeep to find someone named Halam. But mountain climbing seems pretty terrible, so I just go to work instead. That night, Red says he has a job and could use some back-up, so I go with him. Keeping an eye out, like you said, Spy Master, I don’t trust his patron to keep him safe like you do me.

Magic swords don’t make good guards, Spy Master. They can’t even see or hear anything. The warehouse was really boring, but I got a pretty blue shiny. I don’t think the men saw us. Well, okay, they did see us for a moment, but probably not well enough to identify us. I really have to get better at climbing and jumping again if I’m going to continue with this crew. I really hate heights, but I have to keep my new flock safe.

~ Quill Scratcher

One thought on “Trouble in the North Ward

  1. Matt Armitage

    The North Ward is a location of much recruitment. Many people looking for a better life and willing to do an honest day for it. Still, I am worried. None of mine dispatched those thugs. In the future, if you can secure one of these ‘thugs’ for one of my agents to questions, it would be rewarded.

    As for Halam, I am aware of the name. I hope they enjoy the pleasant hike. I am sure they will be fine, tired, but fine.

    If you seek some education in second story work, do let me know, I have an agent you would get along well with.

    Abner Mullins
    Master of Missives~


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