Death, Drugs, and Droids


There was more to that explosion than we thought. One of the dead guys worked for Lord Neverember and had the Stone with him when he died. He had heard of us and was trying to come ask for our help. He claimed he took it from Xanathar himself, but Red doesn’t believe him.

A bunch of the group went off to the House of Gond after that. Orange says a robot named Nim made another robot and this robot could have been the one that threw the fireball. Nim said the other one ran away, but he made a detector to find him. Orange says they found the house where Nim’s creation is hiding, and maybe the guy who stole the Stone from Dalakar. (That’s the dead guy.)

It’s the Villa of Gralhund, and Red says they’re Zhent sympathizers. Red says we have to sneak in and see if the stone is still there. He wants to give it back to Xanathar.

Oh, and if you hear about an angry apothecary, don’t worry. Red says he deserved it.


One thought on “Death, Drugs, and Droids

  1. Matt Armitage

    Little Bird,

    Be very careful. The story you heard is true though we had no idea who had done it. We had assumed Xanathar or one of his had double crossed us, and they had assumed we had been the double crosser. To hear that it was one of Lord Neverember’s own men that started this blood feud. Well that is deeply frustrating. Still to much blood has been shed, I imagine we will need to see this through before a peace can be negotiated with the Crime Lord.

    We have no dealings with the Gralhund’s, no more than any other Noble House in the city. This must be the rogue faction at work, part of the problem of a highly effective misinformation campaign is getting caught up in it yourself it seems.

    Invading a Noble villas? Dangerous indeed. But if I can offer some advice, don’t let Xanathar get his clutches on that Stone. The last thing that maniac needs is the power that Horde of Dragons could buy. We of the Zhentarum have a deep need for it if we want to legitimize our stance within the Lords Alliance and spread our influence, we can ensure you and yours are well taken care of if the stone finds its way into my hands.

    Abner Mullins
    Master of Missives


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