Blue Alley Mostly Isn’t

Journal Scrawlings on a slightly burnt and bloody page

Catbard’s Mert is still after the beheader from the docks. Oh no, she wants to go looking for him. In a magical alley! That people don’t come back from. The Big Guy says it’s full of magic and monsters and an evil mage. Why is my new flock so bent on finding the guy? Job’s done. At least she’s letting us go back to sleep until morning.

Blue cobblestones – source unknown.

Not an alley. Hallway. No way back out. Green light ahead.

Double doors – Gallery of people dying in portraits. Dart traps.

Another hall – more pressure plates.

Double doors – Blade trap.

Library – Tables trapped with gas.

Broken door stops it.

Trapped door into the kitchen. Dead things in the dining room.

The entire parlor is a trap.

So is the kitchen – whirlwind of cutlery and flatware and pots and pans.

The library is lovely though. Found a Dwarven Dictionary.

Gaming parlor – must play or get burned.

Coat room – pit trap.

Downstairs ball room – extravagant dancing blade trap. Stage has sandbag and mirror traps.

Loads of treasure. No beheader. Orange stole a gaming table.

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