Thieves, Assassins, and Sewers

Journal Notes – gather details to send to Spymaster.

Barnabas Blastwind and Sayeth Cromley invite Orange and Marymouse to go on the raid of Gralhund. Red says the rest of us should guard the sewer. Quiet and damp and boring down there. Until Candlekeep hears something and we chase after a man. I fell down. Page apologized – her magic put me to sleep. Candlekeep woke me up, but the sneaky guy got away.

Ystel Flackson – Luskan, broad and square man, short dark hair and a big sword.

Reports go out. Info comes in.

The Gralhunds say he and other Zhents were holding them hostage for months. The nimblewright took her necklace – family heirloom.

Spymaster – Very dangerous. Be careful. Don’t engage. Report.

Gotta convince the others to leave him be. Luskans – the beheader is Luskan, too. There’s a carnival ship in the harbor with Luskan tech and Nimblewrights – Captain Zardas Zord.

The carnival is quite fun. Lots of flyers to copy. Leaving soon, Page should come before they go. Lots of acts here for the Cabaret.

Guard hunting Zhents, Spymaster says stay low for now. New contact soon, keep training, keep watching.

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