A Dragon and a Necromancer


Did you know there’s a dragon in the bay?! He’s Bronze and his name is Zelapharn and I gave him some of the flat shinies because he said he was hungry. He has a stomach just for shiny things! He said that sailors drop things in the water and he collects them if Umberlee doesn’t get them first. Did you know she’s the Queen of the Sea? He’s going to go hibernate soon, but he was really fun.

The City of the Dead is not fun. It’s creepy and scary and the dead things walk around sometimes. There was a big necromancer guy in the House of the Homeless trying to raise a bunch of mommies and their unborn children. Candlekeep called them zombies, and said it would have been really bad. We smashed him, but Ambrose said it was okay because he was really bad.

There was also a big scary vampire up in the Deep Winter vault. He left though. Let us leave, too, because Red convinced him we were too much trouble to bother with. Red’s real smart.


One thought on “A Dragon and a Necromancer

  1. Matt Armitage

    Well now that is an adventure. (Hydy you will gain 1 Reknown if you had not already.)

    The dragon is an interesting tale, and something well worth keeping an eye on. Dragons can make for powerful allies if properly placated and addressed. Giving him some gold is a smart investment in a future friend.

    This necromancer sounds problematic. Many will say that the Zhentarium is evil or otherwise bad for business, but the fact of the matter is a well ordered society is equally important for us as it is for others. Necromancers trouncing around the City of the Death are bad for that business, I am glad you resolved it when you did.

    A Vampire you say? Now that is fascinating, I had heard a few rumors but rumors that fanciful are a dime a dozen all over Waterdeep. Perhaps I shall dig up a few others and have you take a look.

    Well done.

    Abner Mullins
    Master of Missives


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