Fight Club

Journal Notes:

This tower is so cool! It has so many books! And kitties! I gotta learn how to copy the books properly, with bindings and such. Spy Master will know where to go.

Orange is gonna go fight a bunch of people and monsters, but none of us are allowed to go. Red let me help him do monster research, though. I’m worried for Orange if he has to fight all these monsters… Red said there’s going to be a Hellhound, and a Harpy, and a Grick. He had me research those for him. He was also looking up a Spined Devil, a Grell, a Sea Hag, and a Displacer Beast. I even heard Catbard telling him about Gargoyles! I don’t understand why he’s fighting all this stuff by himself. Seems a good way to die.

Red says he doesn’t have to fight all of them, just some of them, and there’s gonna be other people there, too. We’re still not allowed to go, because We’re not the Right people. He promises Orange won’t die.

Orange came home late last night, I was sleeping with the kitties. He says he’s the Champion of Skullport! He won! Against everybody! First he fought in a big group and took down the monsters one by one and some people who annoyed him. Then he made friends with a half orc pirate, and then beat him up. Then he fought a Githza-something Monk, and he won! He says he liked that guy. Then he fought another another half orc, only this one had a big pointy stick, but Orange showed him and won everything!

I’m learning how to copy books now. All proper with covers and everything. Haven’t gotten to fight or thieve in a while. Maybe Spy Master will have a job soon. Or maybe Red will need me. I wonder whatever happened to that stone, or those drow. Did the Dragon in the Harbor leave for the winter? Probably, it’s getting really cold now.

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