New Pets

Spy Master,

It has been pretty quiet, but I figured you missed my reports. Everything has settled down now that we have the tower. Mary and I spend most of our time in there. There are so many Books and Kitties! And the little homunculus men in there will make me whatever food I want. I have started adding some poetry and adventure books to the Cabaret’s library. Book binding’s not so hard.

Red pulled a couple pieces of cloth off his clothes and they turned into big Dogs! They are such good dogs and they love to play. Red doesn’t like it when they play though, he wants them to guard the house when we’re not there. That’s okay, they can play when we Are home. He’s trying to get even more pets. I think Orange’s monster in a jar has inspired him.

The Dung Sweepers needed help in the sewers. They were afraid of monsters, so we had to go down with them. Red didn’t come, he had real business to do. It’s gross down there. But still, it was pretty quiet. Until that one day. We got to this big nexus room and Catbard and I were in there looking around when Nevi hollered that someone went missing.

Little guy, Jeremiah, wasn’t with his group anymore. We followed some slime back to a smallish pipe and all the little folk went through while the big folk stayed with the Sweepers. We found this huge wormy, leggy monster with a huge mouth and tentacles. Mary Mouse says it’s called a Carry-on Crawlie. They carried Jeremiah away for sure. Orange and Mary kept them distracted while I went over and pulled the little guy off the wall and out of the room. Orange’s shouting called Nevi and Catbard to help us and we finished them off. Mary grabbed some of the eggs before we left, in case Red might want one, and he took some of their poison, too. I think Red took the eggs to sell, but I’m not sure, the dogs were happy we were home and I lost track.

Quill Scratcher

One thought on “New Pets

  1. Matthew Armitage

    Interesting. Carrion Crawlers are not an unheard of pest. The sewers are quite dangerous for a number of reasons, the pest issue being likely the least of them. Xanathar’s men control a large swath of the Sewer system closer to the Dock Ward and the Trade Ward.

    I am glad you are safe and well, I have indeed missed your missives, you have a steady penmanship that is pleasing to the eye, far better than the scratch I get from most of my informants.

    There will be some work for you here soon, the Winter’s in Waterdeep are particularly brutal, dress warm, and be careful, and as always, keep me informed.

    Abner Mullins,
    Master of Missives


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