Rats, Bats, Wolves, and Ghosts

Spy Master,

Red says I’m supposed to give you money whenever I do big jobs. I don’t understand, but you always take care of me, so it makes sense to pay you back. I helped the Big Guy with a job, but I don’t think we got paid for that. There were some wererats bothering some of the city guard at their tavern in the field ward, so Orange yelled at them to go away. Orange can be real scary, so they stayed away after that.

Red has a new job for us. He says that Xanathar used to have a platinum mine up north, but it went dry, or quiet, or something. Wants Red to go up, clear it out, and reclaim it for him. Red heard that there was an explosion in the mine, and missing villagers. Something about a creeping darkness. It’s a long trip, but everybody agrees to go along. Winter in Waterdeep is boring.


Journal Notes

Thomas and his family are really nice. They took us up the river.

Nevi seems to like the Serafin druid person. They talk about how to get to Maren.

Some dire wolves got hungry, but we scared them away with lots of fire.

We stayed at a place called the Bored Weasel. Lucas used to live near the mine. He lost his wife there. He says Astrovorn might give us good directions or a map. Asks us to put flowers on his wife’s grave for him. Astrovorn sells those, too. Says there’s a pendant in the tree by the mayor’s house that we can have if we do this for him.

Astrovorn has a really pretty shop for the middle of winter. I wanted to buy flowers but everyone was in a hurry.

I don’t like mountain blizzards, but made it to Vermillion.

We found some shiny stuff at the blacksmith and wand shop. When we found the cemetery, the Big Guy held a full on funeral for Lucas’ wife. After, we found an old cart in the road beyond, with a dead horse. They say its dead a year ago, but then get all paranoid about where the body is and how many they were. Doesn’t matter, they’re dead. Everyone here is dead.

Most of the buildings are empty, so we go check the Mayor’s house. It’s the biggest one. It’s all dusty, but not ransacked or anything.

Then I saw Basher in a spoon! He wasn’t there, but I saw him! I couldn’t use my words to explain, it was too scary. He went away, but I kept that spoon and kept looking. Other people started seeing people who weren’t there, too. Red started shouting about ghosts messing with everyone. We stole a bunch of things from the ghosts. There were lots of good books in the library. I don’t think ghosts can read.

Then they all want to go look at the mine. It’s late, I just want to sleep. Not here, though, somewhere without the ghosts. Found a room full of bats. Bats are bitey when they get woken up.

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