Gloop Monsters and Meenlocks

Spy Master,

Xanathar gets his mine back. Well, if they convince anyone to go back there. The ghosts are probably still hanging around. But we cleared out the mine. The whole town was full of ghosts who kept showing us dead people, or people dying. Red got real mad at the ghosts, I wonder what they showed him.

There were gloopy monsters that kept splitting when we hit them. Nevi said they were puddings, but they didn’t taste good. Must have gotten left out too long. Then there were bad faeries from the shadows. Nevi said they’re mean locks. Like warlocks or something? But he said it’s spelled Meenlock. They were very mean though. They killed everyone in the town, or they were everyone from the town? I’m not sure, but one had the mayor’s signet ring, so maybe both? They’re gone now though. We took care of them.

We took some stuff from the town and the mine, though. Red divided up the spoils, so I included some of that for you. Is this how it’s supposed to work? Are things okay for everyone now? Winter seems pretty quiet in the city.


One thought on “Gloop Monsters and Meenlocks

  1. Matthew Armitage

    Little Feather,

    Consider any outstanding debt absolved. Your recent contributions have assisted us in covering things that needed covered. Your recent activities are quite interesting, a Platinum mine that Xanathar himself is interested in? We will have to invest our own interest in similar things.

    Do continue to report anything of interest involving the Xanathar Crime Syndicate. Additionally, keep your affiliation to the Zhentarum a secret from your friend Red. While he may not mind, his employer very much would.

    Winters in Waterdeep are brutal. There is always a tragedy of some kind, protect your flock young Scratcher.

    Abner Mullins
    Master of Missives


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