Matricide, Ambush, and Mistakes

Spy Master,

I don’t know if I’m ever going to send you any of these letters. Even with the blizzard, Red seems possessed with the need for this stone. I’m going to have to edit it down into a single report, I think, and I am worried the outcome is not what we would want.

Down toward the dock this time, and Red bribes some folk to get us pointed further towards the water. I made friends with some kids at the dock by having a snowball fight. They’re really nice kids, but they shouldn’t have been out that late. It’s too dangerous to throw things at passersby. But they were smart kids, told us where the man went. Mr. Fuoco they called him. Went to his Mom’s house, they said. Used to play music for them.

Red’s tired of sneaking around, so he just unlocks the front door for us to all head in. Orange decided to check out the roof, though, and he fell through. We all rush upstairs to find a terrified old lady. Her son, Mr. Fuoco, has hidden in her armoire after trying to kill her. What a horrible thing to do!

We drag him to the other room while Catbard tries to calm the lady down. Red strips the man of all his possessions, and his clothes and starts threatening him further for information. He says the lady he was with was the one who got the package, that she has a shop in the Castle Ward called the Yellow Spire. We don’t want to leave him with his mother, who he just tried to kill, so he agrees to go back out in the blizzard with us. I don’t like him, and Page thinks there’s someone outside waiting.

She’s right. Just a few steps out the door and we’re ambushed by false Zhentarim. Their tattoos are all strange, but I don’t tell anybody. They all get dead, including Mr. Fuoco because he tried to run, and then he tried to kill one of the children. But Nevi and the Big Guy save the kid while I take care of Mr. Fuoco. Everyone is tired after that, so we take a break at the Angry Cockswain before heading north.

Then we’re on the move again, charging north to the Castle Ward and The Yellow Spire. Red disarms a trap and unlocks the front door for us, but then, he and Page climb up some scaffolding to see who is at the top. We’re supposed to go in and meet in the middle. We give them a moment to climb, and then head in. Unfortunately, Nevi sets off an explosion almost immediately, and we end up fighting, and killing most of the ladies in the tower. Except one, and there’s a man chained upstairs, too. And Red finds a piece of the STONE in a chest there!!!

Oh Spy Master, I really don’t think you’re going to like my report if we ever make it home.


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