Unlaid Plans

It all happened too fast.

Nevi was looking at it, he said it was broken, but powerful, and also broken by power. Someone else was talking to the naked man. He said his name was Shaun Shien and he was grabbed from bed in the night. He’s an editor of a broadsheet. Then someone else showed up.

A cloaked man, in brown leather and with a strange golden light about him. He says it’s his tower, but Fuoco said it was the Lady’s tower. He is angry that we are there and wants to check his wards. He wanders around with a Detect Magic going. Says his name is Percival. Something is wrong with his arm, and he looks a bit spooky. Then, he asks for the Stone.

Naturally, we say no, and yet another fight ensues. Everyone is exhausted and he takes down Red pretty fast. I grab him and start running down the stairs, but he tries to stop me. Catbard gives me magic to escape down the tower, but he just follows us. Then there’s blackness, and when I wake up again, I run, trying to lead everyone away. But no one follows, so I go back. Then there’s the sound of a dying horse! Finally, Orange yells that it’s safe to come back in. The guy apparently melted when they killed him.

We argue about what to do with the Stone. Red says the man isn’t really dead, and will just keep coming for us. We have to let him give it to Xanathar. I really don’t want to do that, but I don’t have any good ideas. It belongs to Neverember, but someone says he wants nothing to do with it. Can’t we just sleep on it?

We go home and rest of us sleep in the Mystra Mansion. In the morning, they look over the Lady’s diary, and find out she was serving someone named Manshoon. She had been turning broadsheet editors to support the Zhentarim’s interests. She says his tower is in the Southern Ward and seemed to be the tallest tower there. Red says we should all lie to our factions. We should say we got jumped by Xanathar’s men at the end of our long run and they took the stone. It’s the only way, he says, to keep us all safe from Manshoon. Having no better plans, Red takes off for his Boss, and the rest of us head out to turn in our own reports.

Spy Master is very upset that Manshoon is back. Says he’s supposed to be dead, and he must die. He gives me some gold and a nice raven. The starts planning how to influence the other factions to get rid of this threat. Ziraji, the Doomraider, is really happy about the impending fight. Back home, it seems everyone else’s faction has the same idea. Manshoon must be really dangerous.

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