To The Top

The apprentices all had rings, too, so I got a new one, but so did Red. We head upstairs, and Orange has to shove the door open cuz it has broken things in front of it. Looks like a workshop of body parts, but stone ones. There’s a whole one, though, and when we go in, it attacks. Just as we are about to put it down, it runs over to a lever on the floor. Then we’re suddenly slamming into the ceiling. The golem stopped moving though, at that. We all scramble up to the door before the floor goes back down, and Blackstaff levitates up to us once she can get back in the room.

The next floor is just a hallway with a flesh golem in front of the far door. We argue about what to do about it, until Red walks up to it and it steps off a pressure plate. This closes Blackstaff behind some bars, and starts filling the hall with gas. I try to go stand on the plate, but too late. Orange takes down the golem, and Red disarms the trap.

The other room on this level is dim, dusty, and full of boxes. There’s a sigil pulsing on the wall, and once the mages get a look at it, they say it’s powering the force wall outside. Maybe I can take it down when everyone else goes on. I copied down the sigil work as best I can. They had been talking about one for the Cabaret. There’s a secret door in the center of the room, and Red shoos us all back to the hall way because there’s a magic trap. He used his invisible hand to open it and it exploded out the wall where the sigil was. Well, that’s that then. There’s a little flaming skull inside that we have to smash back to pieces. There some books and a wand that we loot from in there, but now there’s nowhere else to go.

Back to the smaller tower, and up to the teleportation circle we go. Blackstaff leads us all through the teleport and we land on a platform in front of a mansion, just like Fistandia’s was, surrounded by purple mists. Only this one is covered in Zhentarim symbols. We head inside and Red sets off a huge loud gong right in the entryway. My ears hurt, but I think there was a voice after that, but not sure. Then he steals a mask from the wall and checks all the doors. None of them are locked or trapped.

The first thing we find is another one of those snow-mages, but it isn’t awake, so we smash it right quick. Then a reading room and a library. We snag some more books, but on the way out a voice calls Green Flame, and the funny green fire brazier explodes all over us. Next we find an empty lab, which disappoints Nevi and Mary Mouse. Then a summoning circle, but it’s also empty. Orange messes it up some, for something to do. Next we find an empty guard station. What’s the point of that? Then a waiting room, like they have at important houses and castles. Then we find the receiving room, with a long walkway and big chair at one end.

Here we finally find the people. Urstal Floxin, the half orc Red chased after our house nearly exploded. Vivette Blackwater, another lady Red chased over rooftops. And two halflings, who seemed to move with the ease of my teacher, Whistler. We’re pretty tired from all the fights up to this point, so Red tries to convince them they are supporting the wrong guy and to just leave and get a new job. Then a mage tries to kill him where we can’t see her, so it does not work, so we have to fight.

It does not go well. Urstal’s got some pretty nasty poison on his sword and the halflings are hitting pretty hard. The mage is nasty, so she has to go down first. Everyone’s falling down and I don’t have potions left, and then Manshoon arrives and Orange chokes out Catbard! It’s all going so badly, that the Blackstaff steps in. I have to get Orange off of Catbard, and then finish off the last of the fighters with Red. Blackstaff makes Manshoon disappear and we get up Mary Mouse to help the others. Then gather around where he went poof. When he comes back, Blackstaff grabs him up, just like Orange because she made magic go away in the area. Then we stab and hit him to death. WOW! Blackstaff must be really strong to hold him like that while Red cut his spine right out of his body!

Then everything went white.

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