Death and Necromancy

Mary Mouse and the Big Guy get rid of the skeletons, but then Red nearly kills himself on a ballista bolt trap on the next door. But he gets back up and we run down a bunch more hallways until he stops us. Says there are holes in the walls, and he doesn’t like them. After a while, he sticks a ladder is some of the holes, but then decides we can’t get the Big Guy and Buick across the trap, so we turn back.

Around a bunch of other hallways until we find another big room. This one has a bunch of ugly masks on the walls, and ten skeletons that we have to smash. There are shelves of destroyed books here, so I search the shelves for any that haven’t died yet. Mary Mouse finds a lever to open one of the bookshelves to reveal a big iron-banded door. It takes a couple tries, but the Big Guy and Orange lift it up to get us all through.

We move on down more hallways to a portcullis. The dark room beyond smells like an outhouse full of death. Nevi and Mary Mouse send light in, and we can see piles of bones, dirt, armor, and weapons. Orange and the Big Guy lift this door up, too and we head inside to investigate.

Big dead eye monsters rise up out of the muck. Two of them look like zombies and the other one is made of bones. These are the most awful things I have ever seen. Mary Mouse seems to like the skeletal one, though. It kills Buick and Orange, though, so we destroy it in a rage that would have made him proud. I might have run if I could, but the doors were all closed. I don’t like it here.

Red is furious, and puts Orange in his bag to fix later because the Big Guy can’t fix him right now. We ask if Red wants to leave now, but he insists we go on without Orange. We do divide up some of Orange’s stuff. Catbard lets Gargoyle Lady take control of her, so we give her Orange’s weapons.

We run up and down a lot of hallways then, backtracking and going everywhere but back to that trapped hall. One last dead end, and Red is frustrated. Mary Mouse takes a look, though, and finds a false wall. Red gets it open and we creep in. There is a random armored woman in here, she says she’s from Chult and has been waiting her for a very long time. Her party came in here, but got separated. I don’t trust her. She says her name is Samantha Satessa from near Gold Dwarf Chasm. That sounds fake, I’ll have to ask Catbard later, when she comes back.

There’s no way out of this room, though, so we go all the way back to the beginning. Two pink toads have climbed up the tree. We try to get passed, but Nevi trips and a Redcap and some sort of demon pop out. Red is furious, but we manage to get rid of them. He insists we just shoot them if any more appear, instead of trying to get past them. We all agree and head onward.

We head down some more twisting hallways to a room with strange symbols. We avoid the symbols to get out another door, and down some more hallways. The next door is kind of cold, but we head in. The room is full of cold and spikes and weird swirling decorations.

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