Changing Allegiances

That meeting was confusing. Spy Master was very angry. Made me angry, too. I have to talk to Red. Careful talk, secret. Can’t tell the others. Oh feathers, what have I done? He’ll protect me, he helped me. Not just my fault. Red thinks I’m useful. It’ll be okay.

I was right. Offered me a place. Have to think. Don’t jump. Don’t look too eager. Stay in the restaurant. Look after the boys. They fit right in. Pretend to think about it. Oh, Catbard will be so disappointed. Don’t tell her. Don’t make her sad.

Faewild? They’re all going to the Faewild? Fistandia might be there. I don’t want to find her. She’ll take her kitties back. Red says stay. Yes, stay. Don’t help them lose the mansion. Keep the kitties if they don’t find her. Soft kitties. Oh, She needs money for a key. Of course I’ll pay. Faewild sounds fun, and She’ll write the best songs about it.

Looking forward to Skullport. Orange had such a good adventure there with his big fight. Wonder what we’ll steal while they’re gone.

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