The Queen and Winter!!!

The queen was amazing! She is so beautiful!! And the court played the best music! She was so cool and smooth! I want to be her when I grow up! Except I don’t, because she’s in charge of so many people and she has to make such complicated deals. Oh! Deals!

My new friends wanted to know where their friend was, so they asked the queen and Jeni Mouse also asked the Queen about not aging, and Fuc asked the Queen about the Wall? I don’t know what that was all about, something about gods and dying.

Then the offers started. Fuc offered five minutes of anger, but the Queen has her knights and doesn’t need such petty anger. He tried to get other people to offer things, but I think they were all scared from the nobles.

Fuc got impatient and offered three favors, from himself. The Queen was looking for a bit more, so Jeni Mouse offered one of them from himself, but that wasn’t it either. There was a bunch of talk of dying then, until the Queen asked for the entire group to owe her the three favors. Fuc gets frustrated with his friends at that point and wandered off to talk to a strong fae. I warn him to be careful, but he waved me away.

The group eventually decided to agree to the three favors, but the Queen still wanted more, or maybe different. She notices some strange ‘passengers’ inside N and Jeni Cat. She offers to take these off their hands. Jeni Cat says no, she already has a plan with someone called Lady G. N is really not sure either, he seems really worried.

While N thinks about it, the Queen approached The Elephant Man. He hadn’t offered anyone anything, yet, but he couldn’t think of what to say. Nevitash tries to counter with another offer of childhood memories, his little sister this time. Jeni Mouse then offered his glass-making skills. The Queen isn’t interested in taking what makes them who they are. N thinks that what her other offer will do, but she insists it would be a good deed for one of her subjects. One of the fey is in N??? What kind? Who is in there???

The Elephant Man finally comes up with something. He says he has no source, and he is willing to follow her. The Queen likes this very much and revises her request to two favors, his Devotion, and N’s nature spirit. N takes off his armor to sit on the ground and have a think. When he opens his eyes again, he agrees! The Queen is very pleased and the deal is struck. She removes N’s nature spirit, and he looks a bit uneasy. Then she gives them a leaf which is a map to Fistandia.

Jeni Mouse then asked about aging. She asks him to come to the Autumn Court every year, and serve her court, make beautiful glass art, and she will keep age from him for a long while. He asks if he can work on other projects while here. She says yes, so long as he destroys nothing of her realm. Jeni Mouse checks with N, who says it sounds fine, and another deal is made, with an acorn to seal the deal.

Then she tells us that Fistandia came here to get an escort to the Winter court. Several went with her, and none of them have been seen since. It was many seasons ago, but the group isn’t sure what that means. Time is different for them. I ask for a promise of protection to go with them, and everyone agrees.

We left fairly quickly then, following the leaf. Walking through Autumn all the way to Winter. Winter is strange and rocky, and we did not go unnoticed. Doon caught us up, and concerned for my safety, decided to come along. He says where we’re going there are no seasons anymore, that the courts have lost control.

It starts getting dangerous and strange. I fall back to the group instead of leading. I was smart, too! Super creepy rotting creatures and one with a bunch of mouths and legs and tentacles jump out of the ground at us. I just hid for the battle, and they killed them all pretty quickly. They’re good protectors!

We head on and the terrain gets weirder. Floating rocks and broken ground. Then Fuc and The Elephant Man fell over. We couldn’t wake them. N got a little weird, too. It took so long for them to wake up again, but Jeni Mouse said they weren’t dead. I start to wonder if there are invisible people around, so I try to think at them. Everything got REALLY LOUD then!!!

When I woke up, we moved on quickly. It starts to smell like metals, and the land is grey. Then we found a pool of reddish orange liquid with a big floating sphere with a bunch of holes, dripping even more liquid. Is that Blood??? Fuc tasted some and started shouting and fighting with nothing, until Jeni Cat made him sleep.

The leaf says this is the place.

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