Honor Among Thieves

A quick job to prove my worth, getting settled and staying out of the way. Less notes now, no big reports to file. I guess Xanathar doesn’t like to read.

Big job. Get back at them for pushing me away. Spy Master had to know this would happen. Had to know what Red and I get up to. Hope he doesn’t anticipate too much. Don’t want a fight. Just some trinkets. It’ll be okay. Red has a plan. Even takes me scouting with him this time. Shows me how. Keeps me close.

There’s a blocked sewer entrance. Red says that’s the way. We can unblock it. Easy to do with a scroll. Still think he needs a dispelling wand. But in we go. It’s quiet. Just people upstairs, he says. Doors and traps no match for Red. So many boxes here, but we find the safe with a ledger, a key, and some gold. Red pockets the shinies, and we look over the book.

Five special boxes, and lots of trade goods.

First box had a gas trap, but Red fixed it. Lots of shinies inside, gold, silver, gems. Oohh! Sparkly diamond for Quill.

Second box had a sword trap. Red has two new swords now. I had lots of pretty cloth inside. Red says Nevi might use some.

Third box has no trap, which makes Red suspicious, so he poured acid on one corner of the wood, to see inside, and we moved on while it worked.

Fourth box had a magic trap, but Red fixed it. It was filled with books!!! Red said not all, so I picked the ten best small ones.

The third box had a corner missing now, and there was metal inside, like a metal box. We opened the crate, but the metal box had no way to open it. The key from the safe didn’t work, either. Red was worried the Dustmen would come back down below, so we moved on.

Fifth box, had a dark magic trap, and Red told me to back off while he opened it. A wall got scorched, but he was fine. There was a dark armor set in there, a Dreadlord’s Armor! Oh dear, oh dear. I wonder whose it is. Red puts it in his bag.

We grab enough trade goods to finish filling the bag, and then we snuck back out the way we came. No one even noticed!

A few days later, Red told me that someone came for the armor, and he got some money and alcohol contract for it. He says they know where I am now, so it’s no use me hiding here. Offers to let me come stay at his place below. He’s got a cute basilisk pet down there! I guess that makes up for the lost kitties. For now.

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