Undermountain Diplomacy

Page says the next thing is down with a dragon below the city, or maybe below outside the city, it’s really hard to know. There’s that big mountain, and the dragon went under it, I guess. She finds a ranger person who knows about the mountain and agrees to take us out to look for a dragon hole. Seems like it would need to be a big hole to fit a dragon. Red thinks we should talk to more people, but it’s been years, and Page just wants to GO! So we do.

We are wandering around inside the mountain for three days before we find a fissure that new friend says show signs of a dragon. Red keeps muttering about the horde being worth it, and everyone else seems real excited about a dragon fight. Only dragon I know is friend.

It gets real hot down this fissure, and by the time we get to the bottom, there’s tons of magma all around. The air is thick and disgusting, too. We have to be careful, there’s got to be lots of fire creatures down here. Like those ones Red and I saw when we scouted out the Flint gang.

Oh, it’s worse. There’s fire giants down here, hammering away and walking around. We have to be really quiet and sneaky. And worse still. A room with fire genies and elementals. They looked like they were praying when we came it, but they saw us quick enough. Red talked with them, and we gave them some rubies. They let us pass, but said all the rubies in the dragon’s horde would belong to them. Its name is apparently Sifit, the Firestarter. They tell us which turns to make, but not what is between us and it.

Almost immediately, we run into more fire giants. Only these three aren’t moving. It’s like a big fire giant bedroom, and one of them is blocking the big exit door. We can’t fight these guys if we also want to fight the dragon. Have to sneak as far as we can and then make a run for it. We slip in and down near the big bulwark of a giant. Red drops some darkness, and we all link up and run between his legs. The Big Guy is… well, too big, and bounces off him. Red has to go back and dimension door him through. Then we run, and run, and run. Until we get to a room full of kobolds. Then we drink our fire resistance potions and jump down a big hole. It’s really deep, but Red and Nevi featherfall us at the very end so we don’t all die.

The bottom is full of magma and treasure, and Sifit. Sifit says he smells thieves and wants a taste of us. Hope we survive!

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