So Far, So Good

Meeting with the Flintforge Gant went well. Got him to agree. Gave him so much money and the rod. Hope they don’t all get killed. Red seems to like them. Orange is going to be mad he’s missing the fights this year. Maybe Red can host some for him sometime soon instead.

The day arrived. Everyone had been rushing around for two weeks, and now stillness. Gods’ Day. Time to go to the carnival.

Jarlaxle’s tent is in the back, but the whole place is so busy and full of people. Watching us, following us. We stick out way too much. Slip inside the Big Top. Pull the shadows close. Tap the Big Guy and Nevi out of existence. Have to be quiet. We make it through at to His tent. Red says it’s not real, and we’ll pop out in a mansion or some such.

It’s not. Not a mansion, or a building. The doorway leads to a beach! With a bar and people playing with a weird white ball. Big J is lying with a couple people having drinks. He gets up quick when he sees us, though.

Big fight ensues. He stabs me right through the back! His friends aren’t as good at hitting me though, thankfully. Red and I chase him to the door, and Red puts him down and steals the stone. We hightail it out of there right quick after that. Red takes off and the rest of us get home.

Page lets the Blackstaff know we did it, and she shows up with all her friends. I let Big J know we’re gathering and when we plan to head down. He shows up with his friends right before Red calls us down. Blackstaff doesn’t have time to argue, fortunately, and we all teleport into X’s big aquarium room.

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