Grand Finale

That was so chaotic and amazing and boring. I only got to hit one person before X put me out of commission. He was a really nice beholder but he lifted me up against the wall and held me there. I think he was trying to help because he kept shooting beams at me. But he didn’t hurt me or anything. It only hurt when I fell, which was weird. Then I got to go shoot the mage lady with a lightning bolt, and Big J then killed X. The others had put down a few of his friends, but Red convinced the others, including Brikka to join our new crew. The Blackstaff wasn’t happy with Red’s plan to install Big J down here, but said she’d talk to the Lady Lord about it.

Job done. Success and we have a treasure to rescue for the city. First, though, Red and I need to have a talk. Spy Master wouldn’t want me to, but this is important. I like what we’re building down here, and we have to fix things. Red says he’s sorry and it was for my own good, and for the flock. He says it was important and he still trusts me, and wants me to join him fully down here. It sounds way more fun than just spying, maybe I can do both.

We get to rest for a few days, then The Lady Lord and The Blackstaff invite us to a conversation. They give us the stone, and Nevi gets another voice in his head. It tells us what we need and where to go. Need a scale of our bronze dragon friend, need the fae queen to gift us Mary for a night, and need someone to be invisible. Seems easy. Blackstaff will even go with us.

We get down into the tomb in the City of the Dead. Lots of big doors down here, most of them don’t lead anywhere. Oooh! A pretty mural! It’s so pretty. Why do they want to break it? No! Oh, okay. Bad mural, still pretty though. Stairs up, make some noise, tell a secret, and stairs back down. Bunch of bridges and statues and oozes. This is such a strange place.

Then we find the dragon, but it’s a dwarf. Dwarf dragon made a deal with the old Lord, doesn’t want to break it. Everyone talks morality with him while I just wait for the fight to start. I didn’t get to hit X or Red, I really want to hit this dragon dwarf. Eventually, though, Blackstaff makes a deal with him for food and materials in exchange for the gold.

It takes a couple days, but we get it all out and set things in motion. Red, Orange, and I get Skullport all cleaned up and moving again. We even get to start a legit adventurers guild. We need to figure out how to stop X from coming back, because I guess that’s a thing. Red says we’re going to start stealing from other planes soon, too. That sounds like lots of fun. Spy Master is sad he didn’t get to help with X, but he’s glad he’s gone and the money is back.

The Winding Hawks are heroes, and family, forever.

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