A New Adventure

This is my first time running a D&D game, so I’ll start with my Campaign Introduction:

The Campaign: Monsters swim the seas. Mines are swarmed from below. Even far off Xhorhas is plagued by outsiders from Blightshore. The Betrayer Gods are restless in their exile, and trouble stirs across Exandria. The Heroes of the recent past may have staved off world-ending destruction, but the tremors of their battles may have woken more dangerous beings, who reach out to hero and villain alike. 

The World: In the twenty years since a treaty was signed on the Lucidian Ocean, the peace between the Empire and the Dynasty persists, albeit only on the surface. In the wake of this now hidden turmoil across Wildemount, with strange elemental rumors out of Tal’Dorei, and ever increasing threats to civilized lands everywhere, the Slayers’ Take, a guild of monster hunters and harvesters for hire, has expanded from Vasselheim to all across Exandria. Small Chapter Houses have cropped up in Westruun (Tal’Dorei), Port Damali (Menagerie Coast), Hupperdook (Dwendalian Empire), Ank’Harel (Marquet), and even a small, secretive chapter in Asarius (Xhorhas). Adventurers from all over flock to the Take to prove their mettle and make a living. 

The Party: The troubles of the wider world will come soon enough, today you are all hopeful Adventurers, come join to the Asarius branch of the Slayers’ Take. Together, or individually, you all happened to arrive on this day to start your journey, and for good, or ill, to make a name for yourselves, and hopefully, a little coin. Some have been sent to investigate the rumors of trouble, others simply came seeking adventure, fortune, and fame. Others may be seeking missing friends, or be looking for payback against monsters or beasts who attacked their homes or villages. Whatever the case, today you take the first step on your new journey.

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