Slayers of the Take

There was a lot of them today. Never seen so many Empire folk in one day! Three gnomes and a raggedy boy. Well, two gnomes, I suppose. One of them was made of metal, so maybe that doesn’t count so much. That Shak’Nul looks like trouble, didn’t want to give up his bow. Mother Sakgu said he performed well in battle, though. Hafta keep an eye on him.

Speaking of eyes, Kai’Osh is here. Youngest son of the Mirimm Umavi, and arrogant as the day is bright. He better not go blabbing our secrets. He did run his mouth and offer his services to the entire lunch crowd. Plays a nice drum, though. Maybe he’ll get along alright. Sevonius will hear from me if he doesn’t.

The boy, Jonas, not so young, I guess, but timid. He’s strange, even for a Zemnian. Left his whole pack in the weapons box – rope, bedroll, and waterskin! Maybe he’s just that dangerous? Mother did say he cut a Core Spawn Crawler right in half with that big sword of his.

At least Reebo sent me a decent hunter. Urzutha looks like she can handle herself. Sounds like she’s quite deadly with that crossbow of hers, too! Quiet, but steady. Nice dog. He didn’t mess anywhere in my Take.

Those gnomes, though, and whatever that metal one is. The blue-haired girl makes toys! What good is that going to do? Mother says she ran right into trouble, too, without a care for caution. The little green one… who knew that gnomes were green? At least he sounds competent, or willing to kill. He’s a bit creepy, though. The metal one’s a preacher, could be a problem if he asks the wrong person about their faith.

Whatever they all are, they killed up some Core Spawn and carved ’em up clean. Osysa approved and they all made it back branded. We’ll see how long they stick around.

~Huntsmaster Rajot

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