Choices and Consequences

Let’s see how our new crew is doing, shall we?

They seem to be getting on well in Asarius, meeting all the various shopkeepers. Oh, I do so enjoy looking in on Gnamboll’s Grand Galleria, that little man has quite the collection. Good to see Zyn is doing well, alchemy and enchanting keep her in good stead. Filx and Flihiz are adorable as ever, I see a few more shelves have tumbled since we last looked. Oh, that little Undek is quite exuberant, I hope he follows his brother to us some day. Hot young blood is always welcome.

Two contracts at once? Well, they are ambitious. Those Skulks will be quite the handful, but how are the planning on getting the cubs I wonder?

Good, careful planning on their approach of the farmstead. Candles lit, but still quiet. A good first attack, but oh, here come the rest. Nice try with the faerie fire, Kai’Osh, but they’re fast folk. Harvest a little faster, my friends, they’re melting away. Oh, dear, they’re starting to fall. That little autognome has got his work cut out for him. Almost, so close. Oh good. They’ve managed them all. Some slips of that axe, though, quite unfortunate harvesting. Good, looking around, making sure it’s all clear. Thorough, we like that.

Oh the Sorrowseep Marsh, it’s so dreary down there. These fine folk don’t seem bothered though. The dear boy helping the little ones through the muck and mire. They’re moving quite quickly for a swamp. Seems almost like they know where they’re going. Not a bad day’s tracking.

What’s this? Music to tame the wild beasts? And why not, it’s quite a lovely beat. Oh, and it worked, good job Kai’Osh. He has gotten them all under his spell. Someone to keep a closer eye on, a young man with all that power. Food and song, yes, the way to anyone’s heart. Ah, but it is night, and they don’t want to leave. I wonder how long he can keep up that song?

It’s quiet this morning, that could spell danger. Oh, but they awaken first, and the song begins again. That poor man’s hands have got to be raw. Breakfast makes everyone happy and out into the sun. The rest of the group has been restless all night, swords and bows in hand, but he calls them up. The pack is wary, but it seems to be play time for the young ones. Urzutha and Kai’Osh seem to be trying to lead various moorbounders out of the clearing, but not too successfully.

Oh my, they’ve realized the conundrum. Discussing killing this family to steal their babies. Or just injuring them badly enough. They really should have thought this through. Poison? They’re talking… oh… sleeping poison. Put them all to sleep and steal the cubs. Well, that’s one way to go. Hopefully nothing comes upon the den while the family is out cold.

Oh, look at them run now. Running all the way home. This group is one worth watching.


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