An Old Friend

It was so good to see Jonas, but I worry about the boy. On the run from his own family? That’s no way to live. Well, he’s Take family now, and glad to see he’s doing so well here. He has quite the group around him, too. Warriors, a decent bard, even a set of strange gnomish folk. Never seen the like myself.

Mother Sagku says they are progressing nicely, Jonas is turning to the light, too. Perhaps that will help him. I cannot believe those Assembly bastards tried to force Echo magic on him. With no proper training! I hope Jumzah can guide him more appropriately.

They sure are making a reputation around town. I saw Gnamboll taking them excitedly below, I hope they’re careful what they buy down there. Most of the previous owners of Gnamboll’s things ended up worse for wear if not dead. I visited Shaksa, and she mentioned they’d been by there, as well. Shaksa’s potions are always an interesting time, hopefully they got the good ones. Rajot said Shak’Nul wants to make a deal with the Ugly Anvil for a discount, but I don’t know if Rajot’s greed or paranoia will allow it.

And off they’ve flown after some Shadow Mastiffs this time. I hope they come back safe.

~Slayer Patrin Yarastin VaSuun

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