Death and Demons

Poppa said we should trail the Champions when they left today. Not too close, people like that invite trouble, he said. They got themselves some new mounts, too. Some worgs and a horse. The weird little gnome looks even scarier on his big scary worg. Guess Poppa was right.

A couple days out we found a big dead Gloomstalker. Looks like they mighta carved it up a bit to feed their doggos, too. We stayed away from it though, lots of scavengers were tearing up what’s left.

Couple more days there’s the leftovers of a big fire. Looks like they set a wagon on fire with three people still sleeping in it! Wow! Musta been real bad people.

Few more days and there’s a whole Bunch of people all laid out with their eyes and guts being chewed on by birds. Looks like there was some big battle, too. They musta really made the Champions mad. Poppa says it looks like there was some big creature here, too, but it’s all gone now. The ground is pretty gross still where it melted.

We’re almost to the Emerald Loop Caravan Stop now, and there’s some dead Moorbounders, all carved up and skinned, with their heads chopped off. I hope we don’t run into the Champions, they’re a lot scarier than they looked back at the Festival.


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