The Rush of Danger

The young rush so quickly toward danger. First Juhka, and now Kai’Osh and his new friends. I was surprised to see them in the demon city. Perhaps as surprised as he was to see me. But Verin asked, and when a Thelyss asks, you can hardly refuse.

They looked to have made it through the Gibbering Mouther attack fairly unscathed. Quite a large group of fighters young Kai’Osh has gathered around him. All so very young. Well, perhaps not the gnomes, it’s hard to tell with their kind. Invited to speak with Verin himself afterwards, so good fighters, at the least.

The soldiers do love to gossip about new comers. One told me the metal gnome impressed Bautha with his healing the wounded. Even pessimistic little Naevyn might survive, if she rests before joining the next fight instead of throwing her life away. Old Kalym said they were very respectful, even joining him in prayers. Foghome told me at breakfast that he’s worried though. Said they seemed to be rushing headlong toward the Betrayer’s Rise. Following visions and relics of the Calamity.

I think he’s right. They had already gone to bed by the time I got to the Ready Room for a drink. Prolix and Question were excitedly talking about having another group on their side. Prolix a little less excitedly, of course. He was bemoaning offering to go inside with them, but it sounded like the only way to keep them away from Aloysia. I thought Kai’Osh was smarter than to take a harpy’s money.

Not a day into their stay here in Bazzoxan, and they’re already heading into the mouth of the Abyss. Looked like an cursed start, they battled demons on the Rise before they even got inside the door this morning. Well, I do wish them luck, they will need all they can muster.


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