The Jewel of Hope

The Noble Fragments, having awakened the Jewel of Three Prayers and escorted me into and out of the Betrayer’s Rise, are now ready to return home with me to Ank’Harel. Bringing the Jewel of Three Prayers to The Jewel of Hope. Headmaster Alakritos will be so proud! Headmaster Cryon might even smile, maybe, if put in the proper light. I have filled Question in on all the goings on, and let the Dynasty mages know what we found, as far as the rift, anyway, and some of the horrible rooms and monsters. They were grateful, though perhaps more grateful that I was leaving. I’m afraid I wasn’t terribly helpful to them, and they knew my presence was more of a ruse.

Oh, to be home again, and away from this awful cold, dreary weather. The marble of the Chateau was a welcome sight. Straight to the Schoolhouse to let Headmaster Alakritos know, and he welcomed us all into his home. Tea, coffee, and baklava. Oh, how I’ve missed the coffee here. Xhorhas, for all it’s darkness, has the weakest roasts! The Fragments, usually verbose, were quite light on the details when they told the story. Left out Aloysia trying to kill them and everything. It got brought up later, fortunately, and the Headmaster is quite interested in finding out why. I think the whole meeting went well. He invited them to join us in our search for the truth about Cael Marrow. Perhaps we’ll be able to stop the CoVD, after all.

I took them around the city a bit then. Question gave them a map when they first arrived, but it’s not labeled very well, and this city is a bit maze-like. Down to the Suncut Bazaar, of course, they had shopping they wished to do. New city, full of wonders, what else do young folk like this want, but to taste the local wares. I told them to meet me later at The Frog and Kabab if they needed a place to stay, but I had to go file my official report. They seemed safe enough, and they can take care of themselves. I’m sure they’ll be fine.

~Prolix Yusaf, AoA

Huntsmaster Cyndrial –

The Noble Fragments, Slayers from Xhorhas, arrived today. I sent word to Rajot to let him know, but I felt I should give you a full report. My slayers, as you know, are all out of the city right now, fighting fantastic creatures. This group of colorful characters are all very polite and hardworking to boot! They took their rest, but were quite eager to head out first thing in the morning to face two Rot Trolls that got loose in a local fighting arena. They came right back, as fast as you wish, dragging the trolls’ heads behind them! Rajot should be commended for such skillful members. I’m sure you know that, I didn’t mean to tell you what to do. It just seemed like the thing to say, he always does such a good job.

I do have a concern, though. One of the other city contracts is for a medusa that has turned several miners to stone. Kai’Osh, the drow – though he looks a bit big for a drow, seems to want to talk with it, negotiate. But the contract is already paid, and the client wants it dead! It’s in a mausoleum right in the middle of his strip mining operation. I think I should just not offer them that contract again. I can’t have them taking a contract and then not completing it! Please advise, right now they’re out on a Sorrowsworn contract, but I’m sure they’ll be back by the afternoon.

~Huntsmaster Lyra Dayai

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