Tricks, Traps, and Talks

Huntsmaster Cyndrial,

They did well against the sorrowsworn, though Pristess Janan tells me they left an illusory dragon down in the crypt, and dead bodies on the road outside. Bodes of the sorrowsworn, I mean, of course. Six of them! Instead of the three we were contracted for. Quite efficient, these Noble Fragments, not afraid to do extra work. They were talking about selling the extra spikes to a local blacksmith.

They were gone a long time for that job, and I got worried, but it turned out that they went for the medusa without coming back to check in first! Huntsmaster, they Talked to it! The convinced it to leave town, and some of the guards saw them escorting it into the desert! I don’t know how they did it, and I’m not sure I want to. I’m afraid we’ll be getting another job to go kill it in the future. Meantime, I gave Master Keencutter his money back. The little blue-haired one says she can fix his men, and he said that would be enough.

They’ve run off now, to go do things for the friends that brought them to town. I’ll have to be more careful about what jobs I tell them about.

~ Hunstmaster Dayai

The others are shopping around the bazaar today, but I caught sight of them and slipped away. Folge saw me, I think, but she won’t say anything. She’s on my side. Ayo doesn’t have the stomach for leadership, might have to see her removed. Irvan and Galsariad would leave her. Dermot and Maggie might be a problem. Later though, they are all useful for now. We have to learn more about this new power source.

They went into the Bone Garden and just a few minutes later, a giant red marble elephant came charging out! They destroyed it pretty quickly, and it changed back into a tiny figurine. Amateurs, must have not been careful when they picked it up. The Consortium might be interested in that little figure. Followed them back to the Chateau, I’ll report back on that professor, maybe we can get it from her later.

Oh here comes that coward from the Library. She wants them to meet with her superior. Filthy spies, the lot of them. I’ll keep following for now, best to know what they’re up to. I’ll never get him alone if I don’t stick on their tail.


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