Of Spies and Gambling

Headmaster Cryon,

Those Noble Fragment folk were back at the Chateau again this evening. You didn’t tell me they were coming, so I thought to keep an eye on them. They were quite interested in a young man in the Alcove across the street. Following him in at first, but then coming out and spying in through his window. One of the young men teleported up into a tree to do so. I’m not sure why they didn’t just go knock on the poor fellow’s door.

Most of them went to the Frog and Kebab after a while, but they came back eventually and broke in through his window. When they came out again, I sent one of the other guards to follow them at a discreet distance. The went to the Temple of the Mentor, I guess the librarians were interested in the man. A little while later, a couple of the monks, and some of the Hand came and took him away.

Just thought you should know,

~ Gatekeeper Raashid

Huntsmaster Cyndrial,

Just a quick note. The Fragments did manage to concoct a solution to save the miners. Keencutter was appreciative, and he has agreed that repayment and this resolution is sufficient. He will not speak ill of the Take. Though there was apparently some argument about trying to save to other people who had been food for the medusa for some centuries. This is an interesting bunch Rajot found.

~Huntsmaster Dayai

They came to the casino tonight. While we were working a job. He was there, with only half the group. It would have been so easy. The others were busy gambling, I could have taken him. He didn’t even see me lurking there, watching him. But too much risk, too many eyes, the others would have seen. I have to be patient. We’re far enough from home, now. He will pay the same price as my brother. I will have my vengeance.


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