Traipsing and Trouble

They were gone for days, out hunting something or other, when I got a Sending from Master Beck. I’d been searching for my book. I really had been. But They have it! The filthy drow found it in a shop! I bet it was that Bone Garden girl, she didn’t even know what she had. I was going to check there next, I swear! In trouble, again, and a new mission. A much harder mission to earn forgiveness. Maybe Chal’Nas has the right of things.

Finally back in town, and all they do all day is run around shopping! To the Bone Garden, and Nezzie’s Necklaces, Cindra’s Clocks, Brazen Bags, the Sandcut Bizarre jewelry shop, and even Mystical Pursuits. Then off to the Ridge for the Sunfire forge and The Quiver and Chain. Back down they come to the Sand-Herald district for Lord Percy’s Haberdashery and Captain Fjord’s Footwear. I’m surprised they don’t go into Around Exandria in 80 Dresses, to be honest. They’ve gone just about everywhere else today! Where did they get all this gold? Is killing monsters for the Take that profitable? The Consortium pays alright, but these folks are loaded.

Wait. What are they doing going to our inn? That little goblin must have sent them a message. There he is, with Ayo and Maggie. Look at him so happy to see the Fragments, telling them everything about our dealings down here. So naïve. At least Ayo knows to keep her mouth shut. Now the traitor is leaving alone. Remember the mission, at least for now. Just follow. A date? He’s going on a date with a priestess of Ravens? Maybe they did break his head a bit more than they thought. Oh gods, elven poetry. They didn’t even go to one of the good performances.

Oh thank gods, they’re doing something interesting today. Heading to the Life Dome for whatever reason, at least it’s not shopping. What was that?! They all just got blasted by water out of the lake! What are they fighting? The filthy drow just faerie fired them and I still can’t tell. Elementals, it must be. And they’re all fine. Of course they are. Couldn’t just cull the herd a little bit, could you? Blasted incompetent elementals.


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