Trouble in the Allegiance

Prolix looked very unhappy when we went to see the Fragments today. Something must be wrong at the AoA, they spent the entire day running back and forth between the Take and the Sigil district. First they visited the Omnival Library. The Bookkeeper said they were looking at excavation records. Are they going down there? We’ve got to get there first. I’ll have to report this up to the Consortium folk. Oh, no, they’re just going back to the Take.

Leaving again so soon? Is Prolix still inside there? Is he Drunk? Back across town to the Schoolhouse. Harder to blend in here, but they’re very focused on something. The Archeaology department? They Must be getting ready to go below. Wish I could get closer. And now they’re going back to the Take again. Talking about evidence, and a professor and the headmaster. I really should learn to read lips.

They’re up early the next day, almost missed them leaving. Back to those archeaology professors. Then down to the Headmaster. A commotion. He’s sending guards after someone? Trouble. The Consortium will definitely be interested in this. Chal’Nas should be here, where is that man? They’re just going to the library again, I’m following the guards.

To the other Headmaster at the Chateau, Professor Lymmle! They go to arrest her, and she is Not happy, but that sour man puts her down easily. Best not get in his way. I’ve got to get back and report, if they’re arresting her, she was probably working for us.


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