They Have Come

New bodies. They think themselves heroes. Coming to my home. Swimming in my waters. Attacking my pets.

Walking the paths of the thieves. Stealing from them. Artifacts that do not belong to them. Searching my ruined city for more things to steal. A map. You don’t need a map down here, it is all open. Ungrateful wretches! They don’t even know what I have done for them.

They stole Olara! My friend. She was so kind, caring for all those left behind. And they stole her! Took her back to the thieves in their dry place. Kicked me out of her mind. She Is My Friend!

I broke their toy, took back some of the dry places. They attacked my sharks! My sweet sharks were just hungry, trying to play. They killed them! My lovely sharks!

Blood rises from the tower. It used to have books, but only blood now. The sorrowfish will punish them. So much blood, but the new bodies do not die. They slaughter the sorrow, slaughter the fish by the dozens.

I must meet these new bodies, maybe they will set me free. Free from this place!


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