Crabs and Jellyfish

They almost killed each other, but then stopped. Talking and talking, endlessly talking. And parted ways, swam away from the angry one with the metal man. I like her, she listens to me, but now she’s leaving again.

Found some of the lost ones. I think I used to know them. They only want to be remembered. I remember you my friends. And the thieves stole them from me, too. And their history, put in a bag and taken away. These bodies are stealing everything I have left.

My crab friends will show them the price of stealing. Blood, death, destruction. Yet they survive again! I will have to meet these bodies soon. That Voice! My Voice! How did they find my Voice?! No! No one remembers. Forgotten! I gave everything!

They retreat now, back to the dry space. More thieves arrive, to take back their dry spaces, to fix their toys. I want to eat them! No, not yet, not yet. They must not know me yet. I must rest, the other interlopers tasted good, I must rest as they rest.

The dry space is nearly restored now. They swim up to the villa on the hill. A surprise waits them there. The others did not fair so well. But they are sneaky, careful. Death does not catch them, sorrow harries them, but they avoid the Embrace. Soon. I will go to them soon.


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